Giới thiệu mô hình DIPO trên Bami Protocol

Giới thiệu mô hình DIPO trên Bami Protocol - 001

I. What is DIPO?

DIPO is a feature deployed by Bami Protocol in cooperation with LiveTrade LTD (Delaware). DIPO stands for DIgitial Initial Private Offering, an exclusive funding model by LiveTrade, with trademark registered and awaiting patent from the USPTO. The model enables enterprises and startups to raise capital by issuing tokens. Each DIPO projects must pass the auditing and appraisal stages before officially offered to investors.

LiveTrade will be in charge of supervising the operation and growth of each project and the disbursement procedure will be conducted accordingly.

II. DIPO’s unique points

1. Token price determined by investors

DIPO model will be deployed on Bami Protocol under the auction method. Accordingly, users will consider projects’ information and potential as well as investment risk, thereby determining the desired purchase price.

With this method, the team of each project shall try their best to prove to the investors the value of their ideas in order to attract as many investors as possible and obtain the best sale price. The better the project is, the higher price their token will get, and vice versa.

2. Disbursement based on roadmap completion 

The sale proceeds will be disbursed in correspondence with the completion of the committed roadmap. This is to ensure the rights and benefit of investors in the event that the project does not succeed as committed. In such a case, Bami Protocol and LiveTrade reserve the right to refund the non-disbursed amount to initial investors.

III. How DIPO on Bami Protocol works

The key principles of the model are higher bids-prioritized and first come first serve. 

Details on the model are illustrated here.

The DIPO feature on Bami Protocol will assist businesses and startups to diversify their investors in comparison to offline fundraising, and help users to approach digital assets with great growth potential more easily with a higher level of security. Announcements will be made on media channels as DIPO projects are officially launched on Bami Protocol.

Any questions? Send your inquiries on our social channels or contact us via the Helpdesk.

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