How to use Bami Bridge


Most of the highest-yield Defi platforms are built on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Why do you have to stick to one if you can enjoy both? You shouldn’t be left behind.

Follow the steps below in order to transfer USDT from the BSC blockchain to Ethereum or vice versa.

Step 1:

Go to the “Bridge” tab.

Use the two-direction arrow to switch between the chains. If you want to transfer from BSC to Ethereum, set the Source Chain as BSC and the Destination Chain as Ethereum as in the photo below. Reverse the order if you want to transfer from Ethereum to BSC.

In case the “View Bridge Info” button is greyed out, it means your wallet is not set on the right chain. Switch your wallet to the chain that you want to transfer from.

Now your wallet is on the right chain and the button is live.

Step 2:

Select the token you want to transfer from the list of Asset.

Enter the amount of token to transfer. The default receiving address is the source wallet.

Approve Contract to allow the Bridge’s smart contract to interact with your wallet. Confirm the transaction on your wallet.

Things you should know:

Asset: The type of assets to be transferred. Bami Bridge currently supports USDT only. Other assets will be added at the demand of users.

Min Amount: Minimum amount of each bridging transaction.

Max Amount: The asset’s balancein your wallet.

Pool Max: The total amount of assets bridgeable at the time of transaction.  In this example, the Pool Max is 1010, which means that even if your USDT balance is greater than 1010, the maximum amount to be converted is 1010.

Receiving Address: The default receiving address is your current wallet address.

Confirm Transfer and approve the transaction on your wallet to finish the transfer.

Just two simple steps and you’re done. It should take up to 30 minutes for the transferred tokens to actually reach your receiving wallet.

Now you can enjoy your tokens freely on other platforms that run on another chain.

In our upcoming posts, we will provide more instructions to help you earn the best profits from multiple Defi platforms. Stay tuned.

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