Bami Protocol to receive investment from Bitback Pte. Ltd.


The Bami team will cooperate with Bitback Pte. Ltd. to further develop the Bami Protocol in accordance with the set roadmap

Bitback Pte. Ltd. officially launched the Bitback application at the end of August this year. It is a pioneering solution to satisfy financial needs and optimize the shopping experience of Vietnamese users. This is Bitback Pte. Ltd.’s first step to catch the global trend of gradually integrating cryptocurrencies into the traditional payment system and has captured the attention and support of thousands of users.

It is planned that the parties will continue to complete the features of the protocol and Bami Pay will be integrated into the Bitback application, making Bitback a connection gate for Bami users to redeem and take advantage of digital assets for payment and shopping activities, while traditional e-wallet users can also experience the exceptional benefits from the DeFi market through a user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface.

This cooperation is expected to contribute to lifting up the barrier between traditional financial and digital asset markets, paving the way for users to actually enjoy the value of their digital assets.

About Bitback Pte. Ltd.

Bitback Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) is the developer and owner of Bitback – an application that rewards Bitcoin to users for their payment transactions. Bitback accompanies users during online shopping, refunding Satoshi on orders. Satoshi’s value is based on the market price of Bitcoin and can be converted into in-app rewards or cash, thereby offering users optimized financial benefits and opportunities to access the cryptocurrency market.

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