Announcement: Bami Bridge now support LTD conversion from BEP20 to KRC20


Bami Bridge now supports another token – the LiveTrade token (LTD). Users can convert LTD from Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) to KardiaChain (KRC20) for use on KardiaChain-based platforms.

The applicable conversion rate is provided on the interface of the Bridge feature. The maximum amount of LTD bridgeable per day on Bami Protocol is 50,000 LTD (KRC20) in sum for all users, equivalent to 1,250,000 LTD (BEP20).

Conversion fee: A quantity of LTD equivalents to $0.5 + 0.1% (deducted from the LTD (KRC20) to be received). 

Users shall enter their receiving KRC20 wallet address accurately and check carefully before bridging to avoid loss of assets.

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