Announcement: Bami Protocol is live on Kardiachain


Bami Protocol is officially running on KardiaChain at Users now can access the protocol on both the DApps menu on Kardia Wallet or PC’s web browser.

Bami Bridge is the first feature to go live, allowing users to convert assets between Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) and KardiaChain (KRC20). Current supported tokens are USDT/KUSD-T and LTD. USDT/KUSD-T can be bridged from both directions BEP-20 to KRC-20, and KRC-20 to BEP-20. LTD is currently supported bridging from BEP20 to KRC20. The reverse direction will be added soon.

Lending is a the next feature to be launched in the near future on KaidiaChain, which offers long-term tokens holders a chance to earn interest on their assets.

The integration of Bami Protocol and KardiaChain will support our ecosystem growth. This is a testify for the applicability of Bami Token. Our goal is to make Bami Protocol a decentralize finance platform with flexibility, fully convenience, and optimized user experience.

Please note that the Bami Protocol on Binance Smart Chain is still in normal operation at

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