Thông báo: Thay đổi smart contract của BAMI trên KardiaChain (KRC20)


Bami team recently launched on KardiaChain at to expand Bami ecosystem. As the original KRC20 Bami Token had been created before the bridge was revamped, we upgraded the token contract to fully support bridging Bami between chains.

BAMI holders on KardiaChain can migrate their tokens to the new contract at a 1:1 ratio here at any time. Please note that only the original KRC20 Bami Tokens require migration. Bami Bridge will only support new BAMI smart contract.

We are also working with our strategic partners, including KardiaChain, VNDC, Defily and LiveTrade, etc. to ensure that the migration is seamless and all services remain in function.

Should you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact our Telegram group or send a ticket at for full support.

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