Thông báo: 4,6 triệu BAMI đã được đốt


Specifically, a total of 4,653,738 BAMI which accounts for 10% of the incentive Liquidity Providers’ rewards for the first four weeks has been burned. Users can see BAMI’s burn events here.

Bami Protocol’s smart contracts have been audited by Certik ensuring the transparency and security that are the core principles of blockchain. Review the plan of token distribution and usage in the Tokenomics of the project.

The team is currently focusing on developing key features as set in the roadmap. In the latest update, the platform has officially launched the Bridge feature which allows users to convert tokens between Ethereum (ERC20 standard) and Binance Smart Chain (BEP20 standard). Check out the Bami Bridge feature here to optimize your profits from Defi platforms.

The upcoming products are DIPO (Digital Initial Private Offering), a token offering model that is fully based on blockchain, adhering the transparency and the benefits for investors, and Bami Lending – a lending/borrowing gate that is expected to become the main source of revenue for the Bami Protocol.

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