Announcement: Bami Bridge feature launched!


The Bami team is excited to announce that the Bridge feature is finally up! It allows users to convert tokens between blockchain networks right on their wallets, thereby accessing different Defi platforms easily.

The first two blockchains supported on Bami Bridge are Ethereum (ERC20) and Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). These are currently the two on which most Defi platforms are built on. In the upcoming updates, Bami Protocol will support bridging between other chains such as Polygon and KardiaChain in order to assist users in optimizing the profits from Defi platforms on different chains. The Bami team believes that this feature is undoubtedly essential and will bring masses of benefits to users, contributing to the value of Bami Protocol.

The first token bridgeable on Bami Protocol is USDT. In the near future, we will support other types of assets based on the demand of users.

Users should note that the convert fees includes the gas fees payable to the blockchain networks and a micro amount of fee charged by Bami Protocol that will be used to continue upgrading the platform.

See Bami Bridge instruction here.

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