Announcement: Conclusion of LTD Auction


The auction for LiveTrade Token (LTD) has ended at 10:00 AM today, June 21, 2021, with the announced final winning price of 0.002 USDT per LTD.

The finalization process, however, encountered a few unexpected issues leading to the final bidding results of users not aligning with the previously announced concept. Specifically, users with higher bid price receives more LTD tokens instead of the bid amount and surplus. Therefore, the Bami team and LiveTrade come to a solution that:

  • Users winning the auction can send all or a part of the LTD tokens received to LiveTrade Token’s Public Sale wallet address at: 0x3850be53cB6C9a4D4944E118FDa1140B2610cfe9
  • Send a ticket on Bami Helpdesk at or email to, providing all the below information:

Txhash of the  ‘Get your result ‘transaction

Txhash of the LTD returning transaction

Total quantity of LTD bid

Total amount of USDT bid 

  • Within 24 hours from the time of receiving LTD from the user, the Bami and LiveTrade’s teams will check the transaction and refund to user:

The amount of USDT corresponding to the returned LTD (calculating based on the final price of 0.002 USDT per LTD) + 5% for each user requesting refund.

In case of any questions, users can send messages on Bami Protocol’s Telegram groups, contact us via the Helpdesk or the email above for quick support.


  • The Bami and LiveTrade teams never send direct messages to users nor ask for any private information such as private key, password, etc.
  • Users shall be cautious toward scams and should only contact us through Bami Protocol’s official channels.

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