AMA TEXT: Bami Pawn Shop and Tago

Bami Pawn Shop would like to announce the details of the AMA text between us and Tago taking place on July 26th. All your questions about Tago and the development and vision of both projects in the future will be answered in the AMA.

AMA Time: 08:00 PM (UTC 7), July 26, 2022
Venue: Bami Pawn Shop Global Community (Telegram)

Representative of Tagoverse:  Mr. Steven Ta – Co-founder & CEO of Tago and Mr. Tommy – Co-founder & CTO of Tago
Representative of Bami Pawn Shop: Nhut Pham – CEO of Bami

 Host: Deidara Akatsuki

 AMA Reward: $100

AMA has three parts:

🔺Segment 1: Introduction to the project

🔺Segment 2: Live Session 

🔺Segment 3: Learn and Earn. Learn more about Tago:

You pay attention to the time to attend the AMA and receive attractive rewards through asking good questions. 

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