Instruction to Pledge NFT Run Together on Bami Pawn Shop

Step 1: Access, then connect your wallet to Bami Pawn Shop.

Step 2: Click the “Projectsection, click “Box Run Together“, then you fill in all the information on the page (Email, Pledge For, NFT ID and Box type)

Step 4: If you agree to pledge, click Approve and send NFT to the wallet address 0xD592B401e98F6C7903301c5FaFA7AabcC1db0D83 (Chain BSC)

(Instructions to use metamask to convert NFT:

Step 5: After successful submission, copy the transaction code and send it to us through Awaiting Evaluation, click Confirm.

Step 6: After receiving the NFT, we will check and send the loan to your wallet 

To learn more how the Bami Pawn Shop works, you can visit here:

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