Exploring Bami Platform

Clearance market

Bami will be a dedicated platform for the collateralization of NFTs and digital assets. With the NFT sector expanding so rapidly, the platform intends to offer additional value to owned NFTs by providing users with a plethora of intuitive features. Let’s have a closer look at them.

  • The flagship attribute of the platform will be the Bami Pawn Shop, a digital hub where users can pledge their NFTs to receive a loan with flexible loaning terms. Another way to capitalize on your NFTs is through the P2P Lending function where users can lend and borrow assets from each other directly. The Bami team has already dedicated a post that talks more in-depth about these exciting features, read about it here.
  • The first step to retrieving value out of an NFT is evidently owning one. That’s why Bami will also house a Clearance Market that sells liquidated NFTs. This virtual bazaar will be the to-go-to place for buying NFTs at competitive prices.
  • Bami Earn will have 2 main attributes: Farms & Pools. Farms is a place where users can earn rewards by staking LP tokens and becoming liquidity providers. Similarly, with Bami staking Pools, you may leverage digital assets by staking them and investing with zero risk.
  • In the Launchpad, Bami will introduce potential projects related to NFTs, allowing Bami holders to access a variety of promising investment opportunities.
  • By having an NFT that represents their level of membership, Bami users can engage in special programs. Furthermore, Bami encourages its members to get involved in the decision-making process by inviting users to vote on all the major issues.

Bami intends to create a simple and friendly community where participants can get the most out of their digital assets and enjoy the exciting world of NFTs.

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